presidentdeskGreetings to all of you!

My wife Protima K. Roy and I are fundamentally committed to doing what is needed to build a first-rate school in India. Currently, there are about 3,700 students and approximately 130 experienced, hardworking, and dedicated teachers who teach with a caring attitude in order to encourage the students to be model citizens.

Sister School Relationship: Dr. (Mrs.) Narayan (former Principal) and two teachers, Ms. Anindita Home Choudhury ( Principal) and Mrs. Mousumi Ganguly (Teacher in-charge), were the guests of Drury University in October 2007 and 2008, respectively. Two teachers are planning to visit Drury University in May 2011. Two students Amber Wine, Rachel Warrington along with Prof. Joye Norris from the Dept. of Education and Child Development spent about six weeks as part of the B.Ed. programme. Prof. loana Popescu from Drury University is currently teaching (Nov. 27— Dec. 29) at Hem Sheela Model School. These exchange programs are very useful in terms of learning new teaching techniques with contemporary teaching aids. This unique global educational experience, which was gained from the U.S.A., is already being implemented in all classes at Hem Sheela.

Two students from Hem Sheela, Anish Chakrabarti and Sayan Patra are receiving a full scholarship and are performing very well at Drury University. One of our students, Kinjal Majumder is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in immunology at Washington University. We are proud of their excellent achievements. Former Drury President Dr. John E. Moore, Jr. and Dean and Vice President for academic affairs, Dr. Charles Taylor visited the school as invited plenary speakers in 1995 and 2006, respectively.

Success of Hem Sheela: The entire Hem Sheela family is delighted with the excellent C.B.S.E. board and other competitive examination results for the academic session 2009-2010. We heartily congratulate all the students and dedicated teachers and staff. Hem Sheela’s top priority is excellence in academics and citizenship through learning. The school is moving forward with supportive Trustees and Management. We deeply appreciate the confidence, support, and encouragement from the guardians and well-wishers in both India and the U.S.A. Scholarship Fund: Since 2005, economically challenged but meritorious students have been receiving free tuition at Hem Sheela. The school expresses deep gratitude to our friends and donors in the U.S.A. for their generous financial contributions to the scholarship fund.

Future Dreams: Every student must succeed at Hem Sheela. The former Principal, Mr. Soumen Chakraborty; the former Senior Vice Principal, Mr. Rajeshwar Dubey; the former Vice Principal, Ms. Anindita Home Chowdhury and Vice Principal Mr. Sankar Bardhan; the  Headmistress, Ms. Ritwika Mukherjee; Chief Coordinator, Ms. Madhumita Gupta;  Teacher-in- Charges Ms. Mohua Saha and Ms. Mousumi Ganguly as well as the dedicated teachers offer a personalized approach to learning and allow the students to apply their intellectual curiosity to meaningful discoveries. In loving memory of my late parents, the school has been built as a temple of learning for students coming from all walks of life.


vpFor the past 14 years, the school has been moving forward in terms of (i) achievement of our students, (ii) adequate infrastructure, (iii) efficient use of resources, and (iv) outstanding dedication of the teachers and the staff members who are urged to maintain this momentum. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students on their outstanding achievements and the teachers for their sustained commitment to the development of the “whole child”.

Future Direction:

  • Full use of the Drury Hem Sheela Recreation Center throughout the year
  • Instilling the value of education in the tribal children
  • Motivating tribal students for regular attendance
  • Professional development of teachers and staff through seminars and workshops
  • Providing hands-on activities and field trips for students
  • Recruiting well-trained teachers for the new tribal school
  • Mentoring teachers of the tribal school by the teachers of the Hem Sheela Model School
  • Sending the teachers of Hem Sheela model School to teach at the tribal school on a regular basis
  • Aligning the syllabus for the tribal students with that of the West Bengal Board of Education
  • Assessing tribal children’s performance on a regular basis
  • Providing scholarship funds for the tribal children, so that some capable students from the tribal school could enroll in the Hem Sheela Model School
  • Giving opportunities to the tribal children to interact with the students of Hem Sheela Model School on the main campus
  • Starting a new physical education program for the tribal children
  • Continuing health care programs for the tribal children and women
  • Securing additional funding for the tribal women development projects
  • Strengthening literacy and skill training programs for the tribal women
  • Training the tribal women to make school uniforms and other items of handicrafts
  • Strengthening literacy and skill training programs for the tribal women
  • Training the tribal women to make school uniforms and other items of handicrafts
  • Hiring additional teachers at the tribal school
  • Strengthening the relationship between the School of Education of Drury University, Hem Sheela Model School, and the tribal School.

My main goal is empowering tribal children and women with basic education, health care, and skill training.


                        Anandita madam

The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught. The teacher is not an instructor or task master; he is helper and a guide. He does not call forth the knowledge that is within; he only shows him where it lies and how it can be habituated to rise to the surface.’ Sri Aurobindo

The true basis of education is the study of human mind- infant, adolescent and adult. Any system of education founded only on theories of academic perfection is most likely to hamper and impair the intellectual growth and development of young, rich mind.

For a teacher or an educationist, we do not work with dead material like the artist or sculptor, but with an infinitely subtle and sensitive organism. We should not hammer our own thoughts into the young mind; rather allow them to expand in accordance with the nature. Every individual has in him something unique, something divine, something of his own, strength, and a perfection which already exists in them. The task of us, the teachers is to find it, develop it and use it. So the chief aim of education is to draw out the best and make it perfect for a noble cause.
We should all remember that we are the children of the past, possessor of the present and creator of the future. The past is our foundation, the present our material and the future our aim and summit. It is our responsibility to imbibe in our students the values of compassion, humility, respect for heritage, and help them bloom into human beings who are humane.